Recombinant Cas9 protein (S.pyogenes)

CRISPR/Cas9 Services Recombinant Cas9 protein (S.pyogenes)


Recombinant Cas9 protein (S.pyogenes)

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유전자 교정 분야의 대표적인 국내 기업

Recombinant Cas9 protein (S.pyogenes)

ToolGen’s CRISPR sgRNA service provides ready-to-use reagents for genome engineering experiments.
When combined with appropriate supporting products (Cas9 mRNA or recombinant Cas9 protein), sgRNAs will form ready-for-action engineered nucleases for your target sequence, both in vitro and in vivo. The service provides a highly efficient and specific way to apply genome editing in your target cells. The reagents can be injected into one-cell embryos without additional processing.

유전자 교정 분야의 대표적인 국내 기업

Cy3Cas9 protein SERVICE (TGEN_Cy3P1/2/TGEN_Cy3DP2/4)

In the Cy3Cas9 protein, cysteines residues are coupled to a Cy3Cas9 dye molecule.This modification allows easy identification of the Cas9 protein after delivery to the nucleus

유전자 교정 분야의 대표적인 국내 기업


유전자 교정 분야의 대표적인 국내 기업

Ordering Information

Cat No# TGEN_CR1
- Product : Cas9 mRNA, lyophilized, 10ug
– Service Period : 2 week
– Warranty period : 4 month

- Product : nickase(D10A) Cas9 mRNA, lyophilized, 10ug
– Service Period : 2 week
– Warranty period : 4 month
* For more information, please email us at
* All Toolgen Inc. products are to be used for Research Purposes (Research use license)

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