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유전자 교정 분야의 대표적인 국내 기업

Surrogate Reporter Synthesis(Plasmid)

Our engineered nuclease surrogate reporters are very useful tools for observing and tracking the activity of engineered nucleases in cells as well as for enriching cells that express such nucleases.
In all cases, a constitutively expressed RFP gene functions as an indicator of DNA delivery. An EGFP expression, which can be possible by the action of functional engineered nucleases, indicates the presence of engineered nuclease activity. EGFP expression can easily be observed by fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry. Furthermore, those cells expressing EGFP can be isolated using FACS to enrich cells with high engineered nuclease activity; such cells also contain the desired modification at the target locus with greater frequency.

In one case, the expression of a cell-surface protein allows selection by magnetic-activated cell sorting; in the other case, expression of an antibiotics-resistance gene allows selection by transient exposure to antibiotics. These two selection methods are gentler and more accessible than FACS.

유전자 교정 분야의 대표적인 국내 기업

Ordering Information

Cat No# TGEN_dRRR1
– Product : ToolGen dRGEN RG2S (RFP-GFP-GFP, Kan-R)
– Service Period : 2~3 week
– Warranty period : 4 month
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Cat No# TGEN_dRRM1
– Product : ToolGen dRGEN MACS RS (RFP-GFP-H2KK, Kan-R)
– Service Period : 2~3 week
– Warranty period : 4 month
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Cat No# TGEN_dRRH1
– Product : ToolGen dRGEN Hygro RS (RFP-GFP, Hygro-R, Kan-R)
– Service Period : 2~3 week
– Warranty period : 4 month
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